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Northern Vision Solutions

Dedicating ourselves to bring the best quality LED products and up to date technology to our clients.

Financial benefits

LED lighting offers financial savings in electricity consumption and regular maintenance fees. With LED investment we guarantee substantial savings.

Unique business model

Our unique business model provides problem free service from factory to end client without any intermediate transaction costs. Removing unnecessary supply chain parties will benefit our clients.

Green Technology

Our LED lighting solutions offer an ecological option by using extremely energy efficient and highly durable green technology.

Why LED?

  • Energy savings

    Saves up to 90% of energy.

  • Minimal heat

    LED produces less heat energy than conventional lighting systems.

  • Light quality

    Lights up instantly, light colour stays the same and switching off/on doesn’t affect the lifespan.

  • Safe materials

    LED products do not contain any nature harming substances.

  • Long lasting

    LEDs are durable and has an extremely long lifespan compared to conventional lighting.

  • Cost effective

    LED maintenance is much more cost-efficient than alternative lighting solutions.

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